If a guy says he’s a nice guy, he’s not a nice guy. If a girl says she’s not crazy, she’s crazy.

    If the dude you fall for ends up being a coke dealer, abandon ship ASAP. If the next dude you fall for ends up being a coke dealer, it’s time to lock yourself in your room for a very long time and think what horrible, terrible decisions you’ve made to end up here.

    No instagramming first dates. Ever. EVER.

    If someone won’t meet you at a location halfway between the two of you for a first date, then they’ll never meet you halfway on anything. I promise you.

    You know those friends that you only get wasted with and never even spend time with sober? Yeah, maybe it’s time to revaluate those “friendships”.

    Do something new at least once a week. Check out the latest exhibit at the museum, take a writing class, hang out at a new coffee shop, anything. Life is too short to be lived on repeat.

    Maybe instead of being that nasty person who says rude things and upsets people, you could instead make a conscious effort to be that genuinely nice person who turns someone’s day around. Just a thought. It’s a lot easier than you think.

    Be kind to yourself. You can either be your own best friend of your own worst enemy. It’s your choice.

    Love you,



  2. If you were here I’d be home now.



    1) Go for a walk with a friend.
    2) Go for a walk alone.
    3) Take a long shower. Showers can be life-altering.
    4) Clean your room. If you’re anything like me when I’m upset, it probably really needs it.
    5) Read a book.
    6) Paint your nails bright red.
    7) Watch Pretty Woman.
    8) Drink iced tea.
    9) Catch up with an old friend.
    10) Be EXTRA nice to people.
    11) Make something.
    12) Light candles.
    13) Work out like crazy.
    14) Do yoga.
    15) Eat clean.
    16) Write ANYTHING- a list, a letter, a novel.
    17) Make plans. Big or small. Give yourself something to look forward to.
    18) Cry (sometimes you just need to let it all out).
    19) Stay busy.
    20) Try something new.
    21) Remember how far you’ve come.
    22) Listen to the music you listened to growing up.
    23) Hydrate.
    24) Watch Louis CK.
    25) Find a dog. Pet it.
    26) Remember it can always get worse.
    27) Remember it will always get better.

    Love you,



    1) The only way to know if a guy REALLY actually likes you is if he sends you a good morning text. This says more than any bouquet of flowers ever could.

    2) If you are too tired to go to the gym, but not too tired to go to the bar, you are not actually too tired to go to the gym. So you should probably go.

    3) On that note, sometimes you really fucking deserve that slice of pizza/chocolate milkshake/bag of chips. Spoil yourself every once in a while. You’ve earned it.

    4) If someone disses your blog, but still reads your blog, then that means you’re doing a damn good job.

    5) As much as you want to fuck the owner of the bar next to your apartment, you probably shouldn’t fuck the owner of the bar next to your apartment. No matter how attractive and cool and awesome he is… right?

    6) A true friend is the one who drags you out of the bar by your hair when you spot your ex-lover and start debating whether or not you should say hello.

    7) When life starts to get rough, just remember that you are young and beautiful and capable and anything is possible. I don’t know a single successful, truly happy person that didn’t make a handful of mistakes along the way.

    Shout out to all of the emails I’ve been getting lately. You guys really are the greatest readers I could ever ask for.

    Yours always and only,



    It takes a lot for me to follow through with a break up. I’ve been in a lot of relationships, dated a lot of people, and, inevitably, broken up with a lot of people. Most of the time it was mutual, sometimes it was his decision (“I just don’t want anything serious right now”), and to be honest, when it comes down to it, rarely has it ever solely been mine.

    So as you may remember, I started seeing this nice guy. He was normal. Very normal. I’m not exactly someone you would consider normal, nor have I ever dated a normal person, but I figured I’d give it a try because nothing else was working for me.

    He had a great job, came from a normal family, didn’t want me to suck on his toes while he came. It was…pleasant. The seas we’re calm. We introduced each other to our close friends, called each other boyfriend/girlfriend, he took me out on my birthday. But you could tell, something was off.

    We saw each other once a week, at his request. “I don’t want it to burn out too fast,” he said. What? How could you possibly be worried about that already? He texted me, well, whenever he wanted to. Once a day, twice a day. Rarely more than that. I never knew where he was, what he was doing. He was happy with keeping it distant, and I tried to be too. I was the girl he “couldn’t imagine life without,” but I didn’t know where he was Friday (and Saturday) night. Maybe this was how normal people dated. Maybe I could learn to like it. But the more I saw him, the more I realized he was torn up over a past relationship (GOD) and afraid of getting hurt again. And then one day it all came out when we were talking about him adopting a cat:

    ”My ideal cat is one that will go off, roam around, do whatever it wants, and come home for dinner for an hour or two. Then leave again. I don’t want anything more than that.”

    I was the cat. I was the fucking cat. He wanted me on his terms. And if I was around any more than that I was a nuisance. I was in an one-way relationship. He was afraid of getting hurt, but wanted the company every once in a while. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

    So within the next week I ended it. It wasn’t working for me. It didn’t make me happy. The half in/half out bullshit. Life isn’t about fucking dipping your toes in the water, you have to jump in. Cannon ball. Be afraid and take the risk. Because why not? This is all we have. He was a nice guy. But that’s not enough on its own. Because why would someone be willing to put their heart on the line for you if you’re not willing to do the same for them?

    Oh and by the way, a week after we broke up he actually did get a cat. Hope he’s not too surprised when it doesn’t come home for dinner one night.

    Love always,